Our mission is to improve health and advance education for the Indiana Latino community through statewide advocacy, research, and culturally responsive programs.


Our vision is to be the source of authority and catalyst for change on all aspects of Health and Education that affect the Indiana Latino Community.

Individually, our initiatives are meant to provide a support network of services and programming geared toward helping those in need and encouraging the Indiana Latino population and the organizations that serve them to become informed, educated and empowered. Together, these core areas will actively allow our Indiana Latino Communities to become a stronger, more self-sufficient and thriving population, able to work together for a better and more promising future for all citizens.


The Indiana Latino Institute, Inc. (ILI), a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, is the only statewide organization of its kind committed to serving Latino communities in the state of Indiana. Our organization was established in 2001 as a statewide effort to aid Latino-serving organizations, at first committing much time, effort and energy specifically to health-related programming. However, over the years, ILI has grown to address many issues of importance to Latino communities, including a continued concentration on health issues and educational programming, support and assistance.

It is widely recognized that Latinos are certainly a rapidly growing minority population throughout the United States and also within the state of Indiana. In fact, Latinos represent the nation’s largest racial/ethnic group, and population surges have continued to occur statewide. For example, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are now 86,000 Latinos in Marion County and 84,000 Latinos in Lake County. While Lake County has been experiencing Latino growth for many years, the 2010 Census actually marks the first time that Marion County leads the state with the highest concentration of Latinos.

Recently, and perhaps as a direct result of this trend, Indiana as a whole has seen a growth in services available for Latinos. However, we must recognize that Latino community members still face many disparities. Our hope at the Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) is to eliminate disparities through cooperation, collaboration and action.

The Indiana Latino Institute strongly believes that local organizations best understand the specific needs of the communities they serve; therefore, we truly believe that Latinos can best be served by developing internal capacities at local levels throughout the state of Indiana, a strategy that we have developed and refined over the course of our existence. Since our inception in 2001, the programs and initiatives created and implemented in health, education and in other areas of importance to the Latino community have benefited Latinos throughout the state, with programming efforts concentrating on over 10 counties throughout Indiana with the highest percentages of Latinos.

It is important to note that ILI is involved in many special projects and we take special pride in collaborating with agencies and organizations that share our passion in working to improve Latino communities. A complete list of trainings, seminars, lectures, presentations and other important community events can be found under the EVENTS section.

As we look to the future, we recognize the importance of our past and the value of the services, supports and partnerships that have made ILI that successful organization it is today.