ILI is quickly becoming the leading Latino-focused research entity in the state of Indiana and will lead the agenda of Latino research statewide.  In order to address the realities that Latino constituents face and to find relevant and success solutions to these barriers, it is imperative that we work together with research-driven partners to create a truthful snapshot of our community.

As we work to increase our research initiatives, our strategic objectives will include the following:

  1. ILI will become the leader in research relevant to the issues affecting Latino communities throughout Indiana.
  2. Partner with academic institutions to generate research and information, promote Latino-related research already being done and drive the agenda of Latino research statewide.
  3. Concentrate on creating, providing and promoting research related to ILI priority programming (Health and Education) as well as prominent issues that affect the Indiana Latino Community.


Community Profile and Survey of Orgs Cover Indiana Latino Community Profile and Survey of Latino Serving Organizations
This report gives a detailed overview of the Latino population in Indiana in terms of demographics, population trends, education, economic, and health indicators. This report also provides the results and analysis of a survey completed by over 100 organizations serving the Indiana Latino community and of key informant interviews with nine individuals from a variety of sectors


Community Survey Cover Indiana Latino Community Survey
This report provides the results of surveys distributed to 505 Latino community members in 29 counties throughout the state of Indiana. The results detail community perceptions in the areas of education, health, public safety, immigration, economic development, community relations, and civic engagement