ILI’s multi-pronged approach to leadership cultivation demonstrates The Leadership Circle’s intense commitment to shaping well-rounded, engaged, and empowered emerging Latino leaders here in Indiana.



The Leadership Circle is an annual, year-long commitment that incorporates a multi-pronged approach to bringing young, emerging Latinos front and center, both within the Latino community as well as within the larger community. Through individualized mentoring, networking, and leadership development opportunities and think tank sessions based on issues of importance, these talented young leaders will have a unique opportunity to learn from established Latino community members as well as gain valuable skills that will focus on their own empowerment.

The purpose of the Leadership Circle is to identify and mentor emerging Latino leaders by connecting them with respected, influential community leaders and strategic empowerment opportunities.

Our vision is to increase the pool of Latino leaders within Indiana to further the development of communities throughout the state. By nurturing young men and women statewide and connecting them with opportunities that make a significant community impact, we are directly raising the profile, well-being, and economic impact of the community while building a solid foundation of bright, qualified Latino leaders as impactful citizens and role models for our youth.



Over the past few years, conversations among high-profile Latino community leaders became focused on finding ways to nurture younger generations of leaders, and in 2017, many established Latino leaders from different sectors came together to formally lay the groundwork for this initiative.  These early collaborations have now flourished into a comprehensive effort to collectively empower and prepare young Latino leaders through a new and unique avenue of leadership cultivation.

As a trusted voice of the Indiana Latino community, ILI is especially qualified to help bring this community vision to reality.  Our collective goal is to bring about a focused, strong, and united multi-generational Latino voice, working collaboratively to raise the community here in Indiana.  Nurturing, preparing, and connecting the best and brightest are essential components in achieving this goal.



The Leadership Circle is committed to identifying, mentoring, and connecting young, emerging Latino leaders, ideally aged 40 and under, to ensure that the growing community has ready and willing leaders who are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Each year, a small group of exemplary, emerging Indiana Latinos will participate in this bold new initiative.  Those selected will be invited into this exclusive leadership development series and will make a year-long commitment to fulfilling all requirements of this coveted personal and professional development opportunity through the following paths:

     1. High Profile Mentorship

     2. Empowerment Opportunities

     3. Focused Leadership Training

     4. Civic Engagement

     5. Strategic Networking

     6. Think Tank Breakout Sessions

     7. Community Service Opportunities



Steve Alonso, Enrique Conterno, Marlene Dotson, Charlie Garcia, Rosemily Geyer, Juan Gonzalez, Seth Morales, Mario RodriguezRafael Sanchez



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