Marlene's PictureWelcome to the new and improved Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) website!

Over the recent years, ILI has consistently evolved, becoming stronger and gaining momentum in our quest to better serve the Indiana Latino Community. We have reached an exciting and challenging place within our organizational timeline. In fact, changes within the organization as well as those within the growing and expanding Indiana Latino communities have created a fantastic atmosphere for reinventing and rebranding.

ILI Organizational leaders, staff members and Members of the Board of Directors have been working collaboratively with community members and stakeholders to plan for the future, and we are proud with the new direction we have chosen for the Indiana Latino Institute.  We are committed to proactively supporting and assisting Indiana Latino community members and to directly connecting the Latino community to the ILI mission, vision and programming opportunities.  We look forward to bringing our innovative solutions and exceptional programming efforts to reality.

Our new and improved branding efforts, launched for the first time On September 20, 2013 and displayed here in this new website format, strive to showcase an organization that not only looks to the future, but effectively takes 12 years of hard work and foundation building into consideration.  In order to better serve as A Trusted Voice for the Indiana Latino community, ILI is committed to becoming more than what we have been in the past, and to do this, we know we must recognize where we have been and where would we would like to go while building our future.

I encourage you to explore our new website and to see the progress we are making here in Indiana.   We hope you will find that our new website is filled with informative and helpful sections, and that it is easy to navigate and to find the information you need.  Do not hesitate to contact us if there is any additional information we can provide, or if you have questions about our organization.

We are grateful you are joining us online, and we hope to have your continued support as we continue to be A Trusted Voice for the Indiana Latino Community.

Marlene Dotson
President & CEO